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Black Vegans Rock Feature: PaSean Wilson - Ashley

As a child growing up in New York in the 60's, my mother Maydell was always trying out new things on us.  She would grow wheatgrass on a paper towel and she would have my siblings and  I chew on it.  I remember her talking about Ann Wigmore (the woman who put wheatgrass on the map) and what the government was doing to genetically alter fruits and vegetables.  I recall after consuming birthday cake my mother would have my siblings and I drink aloe tea to "clean out."  We were not vegan but we ate lots of fruits and vegetables.  My Mother's mantra was "Its all about balance. Too  much or too little of anything is not good."

But, my VEGAN journey began when I moved in with my voice teacher after college.  She was a mostly raw food vegan and informed me that meat, dairy, and wheat were not the best things for vocal health.  So, I became a vegan.  At first it was a challenge because back then vegan food was tasteless and vegan desserts were dry.  But over the years vegan culinary arts have greatly improved and vegans no longer have to eat cardboard and pretend it's tasty.  

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